September 11th 2005




Sept 10/11, 2005

Saturday dawned bright with the assurance of a blistering sun and mid ninety
degree temperatures as the workers lined under the shady trees at Hartman
Creek State Park near Waupaca, WI for the Marshfield Area Kennel Club
inaugural TD/TDX Match.

They came in ones and twos. Searching for guidance, information or simply
for the thrill of helping to launch a new sport for their club. But, they
came. Offering their hearts and backs carrying flags, marching through hot,
dusty fields, driving judges, fetching tracklayers or equipment and
assisting in a hundred other small ways.

Test secretary Bob Gleason kept the event moving forward by providing the
judges and workers with refreshments and food from his cool RV while my
co-judge Lois Ballard and I plotted the five TD and one TDX tracks for the

Tracklayers Pat Woodworth, Karen Lee, Lisa Ott, Bob Wilde and Lori Waltonen
did great jobs following us through the fields while we plotted their
tracks. Jane Zank not only held down the job as head tracklayer, assembled
the correct tracklayer and equipment for each track but also plodded the
seemingly miles through the fields and woods with us on the TDX track. Bob
Gleason and Emily Ballard provided the cross tracks for this TDX track.

Sunday morning a light fog lifted from the fields as the first tracks were
laid. All too soon the sun was blistering the fields, judges, spectators and

First up was Laurie Bandy and her Belgian Sheepdog started well and made the
first corner without a problem. Overshooting the second corner the dog
eventually found the last leg of the track and heard the dreaded whistle.
Restarting the team finished the track without a problem.

Andrea Pease from DePere, WI and her English Cocker Spaniel (Spindrift Fox
River Obatanga CD RN WD CDC) were next up and made short work of the
four-turn 460-yard track as this little dog motored to his glove and the
congratulatory shouts of the admiring spectators.

Rene Woodworth from Winona, MN and her Brussels Griffon "Toby" flew through
the tall grass until taking a deer trail only fifty yards from their glove
and hearing the whistle. Toby then pulled Rene to the glove. This team will
surely pass soon.

Jennifer Beno from Green Bay, WI and her German Shepherd Dog (Northwinds
Ally) made short work of the first four hundred yards of their track before
watching Ally partially disappear head first into a large hole. Standing
back we could only see Ally’s tail wagging as she searched the hole for the
critter. A few moments of textbook "leave it" and refocusing by Jennifer and
Ally ignored the critter and raced to her glove and the screams of Jennifer’s
mentor and instructor.

Phil Camera of Lockport, IL and his Belgian Shepherd (Images N Sumerwynd
Kaiser) launched from the start flag and flew down the 480-yard track chased
by judges, the tracklayer and spectators. Downing confidently at his glove
long before the arrival of the huffing and puffing judges, Baron waged his
tail, seemingly ready to do it all again … right now!

Moving to another area of the park Judy Shonborn and her Giant Schnauzer
approached the start of their TDX track in the sweltering heat. Rosy worked
intently however it was quickly evident that Rosy preferred the normally
cooler Wisconsin weather to the mid-day heat. Working through the first turn
Rosy strongly indicated and then took the first cross track to the dismay of
her owner. Followed by a supportive crowd of spectators, Rosy worked through
the dry and dusty track, across roads and through woods to the final cheers
of the crowd.

After another wonderful lunch provided by Bob Gleason and the endless
containers and coolers of food and soft drinks disgorged from his RV, the
signing of gloves and distribution of certification forms we moved outside
for photos of all of the passing teams and workers.

I tip my hat to Marshfield Area Kennel Club for the preparation and
enthusiasm provided by their members for this match. I look forward to
working with your Club again when you offer your first licensed TD test.

Thanks again for all of your hospitality,

Ed Presnall

AKC Judge #18119


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