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Sheltie Sites


Angela Renzi's Sheltie Page

BamJo's Shelties

Birchwoods Shelties   (Wi.)

Cathance Shelties  (Me)

Dileas Shelties

Heart Lake Shelties

Heart O' Gold Shelties

HiDow Shelties & Dairy Goats  (Mich)

Shakerag Shelties   (Wi.)


Rowanglen Shelties Perm. Reg'd  (Toronto)


Shetland Sheepdog AKC Standard

Shetland Sheepdog Home Page

The Sheltie Page  (Lots of sheltie info, e-mail lists)

SueAnn Bowling's excellent page including info on color genetics

WSSA (White Shetland Sheepdog Association)


Color Chart

The Sheltie Web Page Updates List


Schipperke Sites

Ropaws Schipperkes (MN)

Schipperke Club of America website

Schipperke AKC Standard

Schipperke Pedigree Search Page

MNM Schipperkes (MS)


Dixie Schipperkes

Mentha Schipperkes (Mich.)

Whisper Schipperkes

Bonchien Schipperkes Co.

Historical information on the Schipperke Kristen Henry has an article by Isabel Ormiston

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Bonchien Store  Schipperke Items for sale


Australian Shepherd Sites

Everready Australian Shepherds

Northland Kennels


Dog Info Sites

OFA  "Orthopedic Foundation For Animals, Inc." Dysplasia Control Registry

The Canine Diversity Project  Genetics

The Dog Agility Page

Dog Lists

The Breeders Standard   Pedigree program.

Clean Run  Agility info, and training items for sale.

Info Dog  AKC dog show info.

Roy Jones Dog Shows

Jack Onofrio Dog Shows

Premier Collars & Leashes for sale

SitStay GoOut Store - Lot's of great dog products and a nice html pedigree generator

The Pet Center

Homeopathy-Morrills New Directions  

All Breed Kennel Club Sites

Marshfield Area Kennel Club

MAKC Tracking Match September 11th 2005

American Kennel Club

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