Schipperke Puppies


These are just some of the pictures of puppies we have had in the past.

Jerri x Goldie Pups 12 weeks old born July 21, 2005

9 weeks old Jerri x Goldie


Tiko x Remie puppy 13 weeks old.

Below is Kody he is one of Remies sons.  He is owned by Barb Koeppen 
and bred by Pat Campbell.

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This is Kody and Koal.  Koal is out of Tiko and Houdini.  Koal is also owned 
by Barb and bred by Karen Lee.

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K-Lee's Black Tie No Tail

Pearl x Daire puppy 2 weeks and 2 days old.  Born Sept. 19, 2000.
Pedigree is below.

March 18, 2001 Jerri's 1st Fun Match at Paper Cities Kennel Club.
He got Best of Breed and a Non-Sporting Group 1.


This is Remie "K-Lee's Knight To Remember".  He is about 13 weeks old on this picture.   This was taken at the Marshfield Area Kennel Club Fun Match Feb.14, 1999.  He is out of Am.Can.Ch.Ebonorth's Mystik Chariszma x Ch.Mystiks Dream Weaver CGC.  The bottom picture he is 6 months old.  Remie got Winners Dog and Best of Winners for 2 points his first show at Oshkosh K.C. 5/22/99 and Winners Dog 5/23/99 at Appleton for 1 point so he has 3 points from his first weekend showing.

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Photo by Pam Neuens




This is Brita "K-Lee's Crystal Clear" she was born May 28, 1998.  She is a repeat breeding of Callie.  She is out of my male Ch.Dantes Better Mousetrap CGC OFA Good and my bitch Ch.Dante Spellbound CGC OFA Good.   She got a Non-Sporting Group 1 at the Marshfield Area Kennel Club Match Feb. 14, 1999 at about 9 months old.  She also got a Non-Sporting Group 1 at Paper Cities Kennel Club Match, March 20th, 1999. 


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Born May 22, 1999

Tiko puppy 5wks.jpg (8826 bytes)

The puppies are 5 weeks old on these pictures.

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Tiko x Houdini 5wks.jpg (9296 bytes)


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