Ch.Dante's Sheradin Pandemonium

Ch.Dante's Honeymoon In Vegas x Ch.Dante's I Put A Spell On You
Birthday~1/16/99 Died 11-5-05
Breeders~Amy L. Gossman & Diane Harris
Owner~Karen Lee

Panda is MPSIIIB Tested Carrier

 Panda at the Coulee Kennel Club show Aug. 1999.  She got Winners 
Bitch and Best of Opposite sex both days.  2 points each day.
Judge Mr J H Honig Aug. 7, and Judge Mrs. E I Rigden Aug. 8

Panda at Fond Du Lac April 22, 2001 shown by Lisa Ott.  Judge Ms. Gail H. Forsythe
Winners Bitch 2 points

Panda above at Oshkosh K.C. May 19, 2001.  Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex.
4 point Major,  Judge Mrs P D Carr

Paper Cities K.C. July 1, 2001 Winners Bitch 2 points.  Judge Miss D. H. Maltz

Panda_New_Champion1.jpg (83306 bytes)

Panda finished her Championship at the Manitowoc County K.C. show 
Sunday Sept. 16th, 2001.  Judge Mrs. Elaine I. Rigden.  She got Winners Bitch
and Best of Winners for a 3 point major.
Panda finished her Championship in a limited number of shows.

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