Ch.K-Lee's Moonlit Knight TD, NA, NAJ

Hunter is MPSIIIB Tested Normal

 Ch Raffinee Ready T' Rumble x Ch K-Lee's Devil Made Me Do It
Date of Birth: February 1, 2000
Breeders ~ Dawn M. McClain & Karen Lee

Hunter got Best of Breed and his first two points at 
Granite City Kennel Club Dec. 9, 2000.
Judge Mr Forrest W Mccoy.

Hunter got a 4 point major reserve March 4th, 2001
 at Cudahy Kennel Club.  Judge Mr. Steven M. Jeffery.


Hunter got Winners Dog & Best of Opposite Sex for 2 points at the 
Fond du Lac K.C. show April 21, 2001.   Shown by my good friend Lisa Ott.
Judge: Mrs. Peggy J. Haas.  He now has 4 points.  Reserve Winners dog was
K-Lee's Black Tie No Tail "Jerri" and Reserve Winners bitch was K-Lee's 
Remember Me "Mira"

Sunday at the Fond du Lac show April 22, 2001.  Hunter was Reserve Winners and 
Jerri was Winners dog.  And Dante's Sheradin Pandemonium "Panda" was Winners 
bitch for 2 points.  
 Judge: Ms. Gail H. Forsythe.

Hunter got a Group 2 at the Motor City Specialty Sanctioned Match
 East Lansing, Michigan Dec. 1, 2001
Shown by Carissa Boettcher

Hunter finished his Championship at the Wi. Rapids K.C. show
Sept. 22, 2002.  He got Winners Dog and Best of Winners
for 2 points.

The picture below is of Hunter at Mead Wildlife area September 2006
We were entered in a TDX Match
Click on the picture below to see a larger view of the picture.

Pedigree of: Ch.K-Lee's Moonlit Knight TD, NA, NAJ

Hunter Tracking below

Photo by Lois Ballard my tracking instructor

Hunter got certified today (April 30th, 2006) for tracking by Doug Weil an AKC tracking judge. yeahhh!!! I was nervous on the way there and was hyperventilating LOL.
It was raining and windy out.
Hunter started out good and we did the 1st 3 legs of the track (which the judge said, the 1st 3 legs were the most difficult parts of track) no problem and then on the 4th leg he got off track and couldn't find his way back to it for awhile. He almost shut down on me and quit. He was getting frustrated because he couldn't find the track. I thought we where done and failed. But luckily he got back to the track and we got the fourth leg of the track. He had a hard time finding the next turn, but then when he found it we got the 5th last long leg with no problems and found the judges article at the end of the track.
Now we can enter an AKC Tracking trial and try to get Hunters Tracking dog title (TD).

Hunter got his tracking dog title today May 14th, 2006 at the Marshfield Area Kennel Clubs 1st tracking trial. He did his track in only 6 minutes. I was so very proud of him. Hunter did really well. Later Judge Craig Green said Hunter was a working machine.
Click here to see Hunter's map of his track from Judge Ed Presnall from New Munster, WI.
Click here to see Hunter's track that  he did with Judge J. Craig Green from Highlands Ranch, CO.


HHunter at agility practice.

3/25/06 Wisconsin Rapids Kennel Club Agility Trial
Hunter got his 1st Jumpers With Weaves leg.
Hi got a score of 87 and 2nd place Judge: Greg Beck

3/26/06 Wisconsin Rapids Kennel Club Agility Trial
Hunter got his 2nd Jumpers With Weaves leg. He got a score of 95 and a 3rd place.


Click on the picture above to see a larger view of Hunters sire:
Ch.Raffinee Ready T' Rumble "Michael"
He has excellent side movement.
He is also pictured below.

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